The Wellness Chronicles – Jan 12th, 2016

Good morning loyal followers! Well, we are a couple of weeks into the new year. How are we all doing with our resolutions? I am doing pretty well so far. It’s pretty easy when you are less than 2 weeks into it. But I must say, I’m feeling great about the momentum everything is creating and how great I feel. Please double check with me next time you are in the office to make sure I am staying the course. Remember, I gave permission for a swift jab to the jejunum if I answer anything other than Hell Yes!! Also, if you would like me to help you stay on track with your resolutions, I would be more than happy to help hold you accountable. (I won’t punch you, unless you want me too) šŸ™‚ Shoot me an email and I will check in with you occasionally to make sure you are holding steadying and reaching your goals. Accountability buddies can be great motivation.

Lifestyle Hacks and Improvements

The Sunshine Vitamin

This will be brief, because there is entirely too much info to cover about this amazing vitamin. I know the suspense is killing you, what is it, please hurry, tell me now! I am talking about Vit D3. This is something that I believe everyone should be taking, especially because of the area of the country that we live in. See what most people don’t know is that we get Vit D from the sun. Look outside, you see any sun? Nope. So we need to be supplementing it. I recommend that most people be on at least 10,000 IU per day (kids should be on about 2000 IU). The great thing about it, it’s super inexpensive and its all the same, so you can buy it where ever you want. I would recommend you try to find tabs that are at least 5000 IU each so you don’t have to try and take 10 of them a day.
Found this awesome app to help you track your Vit D levels with relationship to sun exposure and your oral supplementation. Its pretty awesome and can really help improve your health and help you understand where your levels are at all times.
You can find it here:
Vitamin D app

Recipe Of The Week

Kale Salad w/ Dill Yogurt Dressing
8oz carton plainĀ GreekĀ yogurt
Large bunch of fresh dill
1/2 of lemon (fresh squeezed juice)
Salt and Pepper
(place all in blender and mix)
fresh chopped Kale
golden raisins
fresh Parmesan cheese
Toss all together with Dressing and enjoy!
(Stole this recipe from Lot 2, its amazballs)

Goings On Around The Office

Lipo-Light Special: 2 treatments for $99
Interested in becoming healthier for 2016. We are hosting Better Body Parties almost every week. Email me for a schedule of the next few times and dates. We will be hosting the next BBP this Thursday at 7pm at Anytime Fitness (2 doors down from our office.)
Let me know if you want to join us.

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