The Wellness Chronicles – Dec 30th, 2015

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas, I know my family had a magical time.
Now its time to start looking forward to the new year! So who has made their resolutions already? Anyone have something fun (not the boring go to the gym or lose 10 lbs resolution)? I know I have a couple listed out. Just trying to figure out which ones I will actually stick with this year and not quit doing 3 days into 2016. One of them is going to be something that I have already started doing on a regular basis, and want to continue for this upcoming year. (I have even got my wife doing it). Wait for it….. Foam Rolling. I know right, sounds super awesome. I am going to talk about this in the Life Hacks section. Another one that I am going to start doing is writing in the 5 Min Journal (a little something I have heard a lot about on my favorite podcast). The reason that I am telling you all about what I am planning on doing, is that if I tell you I am going to do it, I have a better chance of sticking with it. So next time you see me, make sure you ask and hold me accountable. If I say no, or make an excuse as to why I have stopped, you have my permission to punch me. Just make sure you ask if I want it in the head or gut first !! 🙂

Lifestyle Hacks and Improvements

Foam Rolling. (Self Myo-facial Release)
Foam rolling is a form of self massage or myo-facial release. This is a technique that helps to break up scar tissue and lengthen chronically tight muscles with the use of high density foam tubes or other hard objects like a lacrosse ball.
If you have been in lately, I am sure I have asked you if you own a foam roller already. If not, then I am asking now. Do you own one of these? If you don’t have one already, get one right away and start using it. Do it right now. Stop what ever you are doing and go get it. Seriously. You will thank me later.
Here are just a few of the reasons why you should be doing this on a regular basis.

  • Increased Blood flow to your muscles and tissues
  • Faster recovery times for people that are working out
  • Decreased tight tissues in people that sit to much at a desk or in the car
  • If done at night before bed, it will actually improve your sleep quality because it will kick you out of stress mode into a better sleep mode (shuts off sympathetic hormones and turns on para-sympathetic)

These are just a few of the benefits from adding this practice to your daily routine. But if done consistently, you will begin to see great changes in your overall structure and movement patterns.

Recipe Of The Week

Homemade Mayonnaise
8 egg yolks
1 Tablespoon lemon juice
1/2 teaspoon mustard
1/2 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
Dash of Sea Salt, Vege-Sal or Herbamare
12 oz Safflower oil
Combine everything but the oil in a blender or food processor and blend until smooth. Slowly drizzle oil in while blending on low speed as the mixture emulsifies and thickens.

Goings On Around The Office

If you do have weight loss on your list of resolutions for 2016, email me. We have some great new things we are doing that will help you find your way. I know it works, I have lost 25 lbs in the last 8 weeks and that is with Thanksgiving and Christmas during that time.
We will be having some informative gatherings to try the products and learn how it works, so email me if you would like to find out more. Losing weight and getting healthy doesn’t have to be stressful, but if can be when you don’t know what the hell to do. There is a lot out there and its hard to filter through sometimes. I am glad to help you on your path for 2016.
If you like what you have been reading, please send it to your friends and family. The more people I can reach, the more people I can help in the future.
Also, don’t forget if you have anything you want more info on just email me. I will add it to the next newsletter or send you info directly. I can always use some ideas on what you guys want to learn about. Or you are just going to have to read about what I think is awesome.

Quote Of The Week

“Oh, he’s just yacking on a bone” – Cousin Eddy (National Lampoons Christmas Vacation)

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